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Available online, and face-to-face, in and around the Sutherland Shire of NSW




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“Wow! I had an incredible session with Arjuna. The energy work (Reiki) was intense and powerful - I could feel it shifting and moving throughout my body. I floated out of her clinic feeling revitalised and balanced. I can't wait to go back again.” - Monique




You have a wellness concern (whether it be related to your physical, spiritual, psychological or emotional health) that you can’t seem to shift, or are struggling to get answers about?


You’ve tried inviting in change through modalities like counselling or psychology - without experiencing lasting results?


You’re going through a challenging time, and are in need of some energetic support so you feel more resilient and in your power?


You’re craving deep relaxation, and a nurturing ‘reset’ for your mind, body and spirit?


Allow me to introduce you to the transformative practice of Reiki.

Healing symbol of Cho ku Rei drawn finger on sand for alternative healing with the help li



Reiki is a practice that works with your energetic field, to synchronise and bring harmony to the mind, body and spirit.


Emotional pains often manifest as physical ailments, and this modality pays reverence to the fact that much of our wellbeing can be restored when we gently align and bring ourselves back into balance....

And that deep states of relaxation can support the unconscious to heal and rejuvenate.


While Reiki is a hands-on practice that uses light touch, it can also be delivered, just as effectively, when a practitioner is not in the physical presence of their client.




Because it taps into the energetic layer of the Being, and as such, can be provided through the ‘unseen’ energetic field.


(I know this concept can be a lot to get your head around if you’re new to the world of energetic healing, but know and trust that Reiki is an ancient modality that is recognised and practiced worldwide).


In my own practice of offering Usui Ryoho Reiki, I infuse my sessions with supportive extras like aromatherapy oils, sound healing, crystal therapy and, where appropriate, nutritional and naturopathic guidance, to deepen your experience and enhance your outcomes.

Healing symbol of Cho ku Rei drawn finger on sand for alternative healing with the help li


“Arjuna has been helping me with my stress and anxiety. She makes you feel comfortable and welcome. 


The Reiki is relaxing and you feel fresh and calm after every session. 


Arjuna has also written me a program with sooo much helpful information about the right foods and supplements for me. I can feel my body and mood and the way I think, changing a little bit everyday” - ‘M’ 




Have a history of trauma, are in need of deep rest, intuitively feel ‘out of balance’ or experience stress and overwhelm.


Its life-enhancing gifts extend far and wide, so if you’re unsure if Reiki is the right modality for you, please reach out and ask here.



Upon booking, you will complete a number of questions that will explore what’s currently unfolding in your life (you can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable), your goals and what your mind, body and spirit are in need of.

Reiki Healing


Even energetically, it is important take a wholistic approach. With this in mind, I create a bespoke treatment plan for our 60 minutes together (and beyond, if you choose), ensuring that your unique needs are met, your healing intention is clear and you receive the ‘medicine’ you are in need of. 


You relax, fully clothed on my massage table, cocooned if you wish, in a blanket. Here you can simply surrender to the experience as I invite you to journey inwards, to the soundtrack of binaural beats and with eyes closed. Many people drift into a deep state of relaxation, and sometimes even sleep. All expressions are welcome here!

Reiki Healing


Post treatment, is an opportunity to explore your experience of the session, for me to share my observations and to set some expectations about what may surface over the coming days. You may then choose to opt for 'maintenance' or for Reiki more regularly, this is entirely up to you and should be based upon your intention. From here, you will re-enter your daily life, with a clearer, more balance sense of being. 


Joining me for a virtual Reiki session? 


The process remains the same except instead of the treatment being offered on my massage table, you can relax in your own home with a beautiful piece of music that I will send through to you.


Post treatment, if you choose, we can connect via phone to discuss your experience and my observations.





What is a Reiki Master?

There are a number of levels of training that one can journey through when they set out on their path of learning Reiki - the Reiki Master level is considered the highest level; the teacher's level at which they have the skills to not only competently practice, but to also teach new Reiki practitioners. 


I am a trained and experienced Reiki Master.


Is virtual Reiki as effective as in-person Reiki?


Yes, it absolutely is. In saying that, the more you can create a relaxing, quiet and sacred space on your end - to prepare yourself for deep relaxation and open yourself to the depths of the experience - the better.

How often should I have Reiki?


While Reiki can be safely received frequently, during your initial consultation we will discuss your best path forward. Generally, I recommend booking a Reiki treatment every two to three weeks in the initial phase of your care, and then once a month thereafter, to support a healthy and balanced mind, body and spirit.

What if I don’t know what I need support with? Can Reiki still be supportive?


Yes, absolutely. Generally, energetic work is a very supportive practice for everybody. In saying this, Reiki Masters are deeply intuitive and trained to ‘pick up’ on imbalances and needs within one’s system. 


Reiki is closely aligned with the chakras and practitioners can ‘feel’ areas that are holding tension and stress. These parts of the body hold deep pathways to healing.


I’ve had Reiki before and experienced some sensations in my body. Is this normal?


While everyone’s experience is unique, it’s not unusual to experience hot and cold sensations in the body, see colours and/or experience tingling.


On the flipside of this, you may not experience anything at all. 


After treatments, you may go through a 'spiritual detox', where emotions arise or you feel the need to be alone…

This is perfectly normal and simply your body, mind, spirit processing, recalibrating and healing themselves.


If this occurs, take extra care during this time, and be patient and kind towards yourself. Healing is a journey, not a destination, so open your heart to your body's inherent wisdom. 


Whatever you experience is normal and exactly what needs to happen for you - however if ever you’re concerned during or after our session, I invite you to ask questions and share what you’re experiencing, so I can support you to feel more informed and safe.  


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